Rescuer Descends Down 130-Foot Well To Retrieve Owl In Distress


Volunteers rescued a young eagle owl who was trapped at the bottom of a 130-foot well in Bad Segeberg, Germany.

The fire department, along with THW, a civil protection organization comprised of volunteers, were alerted on Saturday afternoon by a local who could hear the bird hooting in distress.

Rescuers tried to lure the bird into a net but were unsuccessful. Someone had to go down the deep well.

Since the air quality was very poor, a rescuer wearing a breathing apparatus descended down the well, packed the young owl into a bag and sent it back up the rope before following themselves.

The rescue mission took more than 3 hours and the owl has since been given to a local bat sanctuary.

“We would like to thank everyone involved for the very good cooperation,” the fire service said in a statement.